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Historical Impersonations
Bringing History to Life through First-Person Portrayals

"You are indeed an enchantress."

- Amanda Ohlke and Anna Slafer, Education Staff at the International Spy Museum

"Miss Lapisardi, in her performance, capture the style of speech, gestures, and, most difficult, spirit of the times."

- Mike Jones, DeRidder, Louisiana

"You are an extremely talented actor and your acting skills, commitment to authenticity and research, and your truly gorgeous clothes made it an absolute joy to work with you."

    - Kathryn Coombs, CEO, Heritage House Productions

Our Historical Impersonations are a continually expanding repertoire of first-person portrayals of notable people by accomplished actor-historians.  These presentations are not dramatic readings or scripted monologs.  Careful attention to research and development of total personalities bring each figure vividly and realistically to life.  Detailed reproduction clothing and authentic artifacts are integral to the portrayals.

 These actor-historians combine their passion for history with professional performance experience on stage and screen.  They are also dedicated researchers who rely principally on primary sources.

 While all of these portrayals can be given as structured presentations, less formal approaches—such as spontaneous conversations or question-and-answer sessions—have also proved successful.   Each performance is tailored to the particular interests of the audience, and no two presentations are ever exactly alike.

 Our actor-historians have been  featured speakers at museums, historical societies, educational institutions, festivals, fundraising events, and reenactments in nine states and the District of Columbia.

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